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Do you feel unlucky? No matter what you try to do, everything always seems to go wrong. Whether you encounter these problems in your professional life, in your relationships, or with other projects you’re working on, it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with feeling unlucky.

However, being unlucky is about more than just bad things happening to you. After all, bad things happen to just about everyone. Instead, being unlucky is largely a mindset you may have that keeps you from what you really want in life. It can be a way to distract you from what’s really important. And in the meantime, it just feels like everything is going wrong.

It can be incredibly difficult to break free from this pattern of thinking, especially if it’s something that you feel has been going on for a while. Therefore, you may find yourself lost and unsure of what you should do next. Maybe you feel like you’ve been stuck in the same place for a while and you don’t know how to move forward with your life due to your unluckiness.

Many other people have experienced this feeling, and they have found ways to move past it, so they can move on with their lives and start feeling more “lucky.” And while there are a variety of different methods people use to attract luck to their lives, one of the most effective and successful method is self-hypnosis.

How Can Self-Hypnosis Help You Attract Luck?

If you’ve never considered self-hypnosis as a viable solution to your issues, it may sound far-fetched that something like this could help. However, it’s an incredibly effective method. It’s not just something for the movies. Real people use hypnosis on a daily basis to get into more helpful and productive mindsets that, in turn, help them feel luckier and like their lives better.

Become Lucky

If it’s worked for so many other people, it can work for you as well. You just have to have an open mind and be willing to try a method that others may not consider. But there’s nothing strange or uncomfortable about self-hypnosis. In fact, many people actually enjoy the process very much.

When you start working with self-hypnosis, you will simply listen to an audio recording that encourages you to attract luck into your life. It may sound too simple to be true, but that’s really how it works. But first, the hypnotist helps you get into a mindset that makes you more open to suggestion. Because of that, you can more effectively change your patterns of thought.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Behavior

You may be surprised to learn that much of your “unluckiness” is tied to your behavior. But that’s actually a good thing because changing your behavior is something that’s entirely within your control. But it’s very hard to change the way you act if you stay in the same mindset you currently have. That’s because our thoughts ultimately dominate our lives if we let them. If we become too ingrained in the thought pattern of thinking that we are unlucky, it starts to become true.

But once you have this information, you know it’s possible for change. But trying to force yourself to change just isn’t an effective method for changing your behavior because that’s a really difficult thing to do. Oftentimes, you need help with changing the way you think, so your behaviors will change accordingly.

That’s where self-hypnosis comes in. By simply listening to an audio recording, you can begin to change the thought patterns that have come to dominate your life.

Simple and Easy to Use

While visiting an actual hypnotist in your area can be just as effective as self-hypnotism, it’s often a more complicated and expensive process if you choose to do things this way. Not only will you have to find a reputable hypnotist in your area, but you will also have to drive to go see one or set up a time when you can meet.

However, when you choose to use self-hypnotism, you can just implement this tool in the comfort and privacy of your own home. That means that you can do this at any time of the day. Perhaps it’s something you want to start your day with, or maybe you have more time to do it when you get home from work or right before you go to bed. Either way, it’s a great way to help yourself attract more luck into your life no matter what your schedule looks like.

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Release date:January 4, 2019
Last updated:January 4, 2019
Current version:1.0
Product type:Hypnosis Download
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Attract Luck


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  • Great hypnosis, I found listening to this at night really helped me develop a positive frame of mind for the coming day, I cant say if it has made me more lucky but I feel it has had an effect on me.
    I ended up purchasing your bundle for the others in this collection – thanks!

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    Release date:January 4, 2019
    Last updated:January 4, 2019
    Current version:1.0
    Product type:Hypnosis Download
    File format:MP3
    Price:$14.99 USD